What Sectors do Booth AC provide Air Conditioning Services for?

NHS & Healthcare

Booth AC understands the critical importance of maintaining a functional air conditioning and ventilation system in healthcare settings.

With the responsibility of keeping the building comfortable for staff and patients alike, our systems must also promote excellent indoor air quality.

This emphasis on indoor air quality is crucial for reducing the spread of infections and ensuring the health and well-being of the occupants


Booth AC works with governors, bursars, facility and business managers to address the unique challenges schools, colleges, and universities face.

We understand the importance of gentle air flow and minimal noise levels in promoting concentration and learning.

Our maintenance engineers are also fully employed, and DBS checked to ensure safe and efficient service delivery.


Booth AC works with major car groups across the north of England to provide air conditioning services that ensure relaxed and comfortable conditions for staff and customers.

This includes maintaining a steady temperature, reducing the number of bacteria and dust particles in the air, and filtering out unpleasant smells, which is particularly important for those with allergies.


In the retail sector, Booth AC's services are trusted by retailers across the region.

Our regular maintenance regime carried out by professional and trained engineers ensures that foul smells or unwelcoming heat caused by breakdowns are avoided.

This guarantees a pleasant and welcoming shopping experience for the customers, while also improving the cleanliness and hygiene of the store.

Commercial Properties

At Booth AC, we strive to reduce unplanned aircon callouts, improve energy consumption and extend the lifespan of air conditioning systems.

Our focus on effective and efficient maintenance helps to ensure maximum performance, lower costs and greater comfort for occupants.

Other Sectors

Are you in a niche sector or require a bespoke solution? Get in touch with us and we will see how we can help!

Our Services

Across all sectors, Booth AC provides installation, maintenance and repair services.


Booth AC employs fully trained and experienced air conditioning engineers who work in the north of England.

We repair air conditioning units, even if we did not originally install them. This flexibility allows us to address a wide range of issues with various systems.


Booth AC emphasises the importance of meeting contemporary hygiene standards for air conditioning and ventilation systems. This includes ensuring the systems are clean and free from contaminants that can compromise indoor air quality.


Booth AC has a highly experienced installation team that can handle air conditioning, refrigeration, and ventilation projects from start to finish.

We oversee the entire process, from project conception to system handover. This ensures that the installation is carried out professionally and meets the client's specific needs.


Booth Air Conditioning Hire Services is the perfect solution for your air conditioning needs. With years of expertise, we can guide you to the right equipment for your specific needs, getting you the best value for money.

Our systems are user-friendly, easy to operate but require no specialist knowledge. Not only do they offer a higher standard of air quality, but they can also help boost productivity and concentration in the workspace.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does air conditioning affect infection control in hospitals?

Properly maintained air conditioning systems can help control the spread of infections by regulating air quality and minimising the circulation of airborne pathogens.

What are the benefits of air conditioning in schools and universities?

Air conditioning improves the learning environment by ensuring a comfortable temperature and better air quality, enhancing concentration and productivity.

Why is air conditioning important for retail stores?

Air conditioning creates a comfortable shopping atmosphere, which can lead to longer customer visits and increased sales.

Why do automotive workshops and dealerships need air conditioning?

Air conditioning is crucial for comforting staff and customers and creating an optimal environment for precision work on vehicles.

What are the benefits of installing a centralised HVAC system in commercial buildings?

Centralised systems provide precise temperature control, improved air quality, and easier maintenance for large office spaces.

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