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About Us

A team built for success

The Booth management team contains air conditioning maintenance Manchester professionals with more than 40 years experience in this highly regulated industry.

We have designed, installed, maintained and repaired systems in the UK and across the length and breadth of Europe.

We promise you high expertise, deep knowledge and a commitment to excellence in all we do.

History of delivering long-term cost-effective solutions

We are extremely proud to be working with clients who joined us at the beginning of the Booth journey in 2008.

These delighted clients recommend and thank us for being “highly reliable”, “flexible”, “totally professional”, “exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable”, and for finding “long-term cost-effective solutions”.

Specialisation in maintenance

We have extensive experience in successfully installing, repairing and crucially maintaining all leading brands of air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration equipment.

We place significant emphasis on air conditioning maintenance Manchester as there are very few companies truly specialising in this critical discipline.

Vitally important associated issues such as AC health and safety, F-GAS and inspection regulations together with temperature control, systems and energy performance, mold, airborne germs continue to be factors driving strong demand for our services.

360-degree program of services and SafeContractor approved

Air conditioning systems need to be professionally installed and regularly maintained to ensure they operate as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

At Booth Air Conditioning, we have developed a 360-degree program of services to ensure your air conditioning needs are fully met.

The foundation is engineering excellence to deliver exemplary hygienic and climatic conditions while overall our goal is to secure the lowest total cost of ownership for our clients. We are also SafeContractor approved to given additional peace of mind.

Our own employees

Fully employed engineers have a long-term, permanent commitment.

Quality Checks

Rigorous quality control procedures help to ensure clients comply with regulations.

Intensive Training

Engineers are fully and professionally trained to keep pace with change.

How can we help?

Call us on

01706 769282

Office Opening Hours

8:30am – 5pm Monday Thursday
8:30am – 4pm Friday