Commercial Air Conditioning in Manchester with Booth AC

March 27, 2023

Have you been searching for Commercial Air Conditioning in Manchester with little success?

Booth AC are the provider you’ve been searching for! We provide commercial air conditioning for numerous sectors, including automotive, education and NHS & Healthcare across Greater Manchester.

In this latest blog, we’ll discuss the many commercial air con services we can provide to new and existing customers.

So whether you’re looking for air conditioning installation, maintenance or repair, Booth AC can provide expert, bespoke services at a price to suit all business budgets!

What is Commercial Air Conditioning?

Commercial air conditioning is essential to keeping any commercial space comfortable and productive. If your commercial building needs efficient and reliable air conditioning, consider the commercial air conditioning services Booth AC provides.

Booth AC provides commercial air conditioning installation and maintenance services for various commercial buildings.

We understand that each commercial space has unique cooling requirements.

Our experienced technicians ensure that all installations are tailor-made to meet your needs. From office spaces and other commercial properties, we have the experience to provide solutions for all commercial settings.

Expert Installations and Maintenance

Our installations use only high-quality materials and products to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability.

Our technicians can also inspect existing systems and make necessary repairs and adjustments to ensure they function optimally.

Rigorous quality controls must be in place for commercial air conditioning systems to ensure your business complies with industry and government.

We also offer commercial air conditioning maintenance packages, so you can rest assured that your commercial space will remain comfortable all year round.

Booth AC commercial air conditioning maintenance packages include:

  • Filter Checks
  • Coil Checks
  • Fan/Motor Checks
  • Compressor Checks
  • Cleaning/Hygiene Checks

Regular maintenance checks are essential in keeping your commercial air conditioning at the top of its game — providing a comfortable environment.

Why is it essential for my business to maintain our commercial air conditioning units?

Well-maintained commercial air conditioning units ensure a comfortable and healthy working environment for employees and customers.

Additionally, a malfunctioning air conditioning system can lead to higher energy bills, reduced efficiency, and costly repairs or replacements.

Regular maintenance of commercial air conditioning units can ensure optimal performance, extend their lifespan, and prevent breakdowns.

By scheduling routine maintenance, businesses can save money in the long run and ensure a comfortable and healthy indoor environment for all.

Is there a minimum and maximum temperature a workplace should be?

In most countries, there are regulations that set the minimum and maximum temperature limits for workplace environments.

The UK’s Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 state that employers must maintain a “reasonable” temperature in the workplace.

The Approved Code of Practice suggests a minimum temperature of 16°C or 13°C if the work involves rigorous physical effort, but no upper limit is defined. However, it is generally acknowledged that high temperatures, particularly above 30°C, can be uncomfortable and affect productivity.

In addition to the climate, factors such as the type of work being carried out and the level of physical activity should be considered for temperature regulation.

It should also be noted that while there are guidelines, employers should use common sense.

Take steps to ensure that the temperature is comfortable for their employees. This may include providing fans, commercial air conditioning, or extra break times to allow employees to cool down.

Ultimately, the welfare of employees should always be the top priority when considering workplace temperature regulation.

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Regarding commercial air conditioning, Booth AC is the name you can trust for reliable and efficient service!

We have the experience, expertise, and technology needed to provide top-notch commercial air conditioning solutions for any commercial space.

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