Booth’s Circle of Excellence – The 1% Rule

March 16, 2021

Booth Air Conditioning’s total focus on engineering excellence and customer service is delivering exemplary hygiene and lowering the total cost of ownership for clients. First in a series of short articles looking at Booth’s circle of excellence we look at the 1% rule.



Here at Booth we regularly install systems for our clients – but, primarily we are one of the very few who truly specialise in air conditioning maintenance. We maintain thousands of systems for more than 300 customers every year.

Our clients include, NHS and private hospitals, sports centres, education establishments, hotels, retailers, car dealerships, professional services and manufacturing companies.

Maintenance fees can be less than 1% of the cost to replace a system and well-maintained air conditioning can give exemplary service for more than 20 years. Even putting the health benefits to one side, it’s still one of the most compelling business cases you will see.

Would you and your colleagues together with your customers, visitors or students benefit from the vastly improved hygienic conditions regular high-quality maintenance can bring? Do you want to know more about the merits of professional air conditioning maintenance? If so, please call one of our friendly team today on 01706 769282 or via our contact page. There is absolutely no obligation and if we can help you with advice on the telephone, it will be our pleasure.

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