What sectors does Booth AC provide air conditioning repair for?

July 04, 2023

Are you searching for air conditioning repair for your business? Look no further than Booth AC!

Booth AC provides air conditioning maintenance, repair and installation services across a wide range of sectors.

This latest blog from Booth AC will tell you everything you need to know about the various sectors Booth AC provide air conditioning repair services.

Air Conditioning Repair Services with Booth AC

Booth AC provides expert air conditioning repair services across the north of England, with a team of skilled and experienced engineers based in Manchester.

They take pride in their ability to successfully repair aircon units on the first visit, regardless of whether they installed them.

Understanding that poorly maintained systems can lead to higher energy consumption and costs, Booth AC emphasises the importance of planned preventative maintenance. This approach saves time and money and extends the lifespan of your system and its components, making them function more effectively.

Additionally, routine checks are performed to ensure compliance with the latest F-Gas regulations and detect any harmful fluorinated gas leakage. Booth AC’s maintenance agreements are designed to satisfy the requirements and obligations of all major air conditioning manufacturer warranties.

It’s important to note that these manufacturer warranties remain valid only if the equipment has been used and maintained according to their specifications and recommendations.

What Sectors does Booth AC work with?

NHS & Healthcare

Booth AC recognises the critical role of a functional and well-maintained air conditioning system in ensuring comfort and promoting excellent indoor air quality for staff and patients.

They understand that the implications of system failure in this environment can be profound and potentially life-threatening. 


In Education, Booth AC works closely with governors, bursars, facility and business managers, understanding the unique challenges schools, colleges, and universities face.

They schedule work to minimise disruption and maintain optimal conditions for learning, such as gentle air flows and minimal noise. Their maintenance engineers are fully employed, and DBS checked for added assurance.

Hotels & Hospitality

For Hotels & Hospitality, guests’ awareness of the importance of professionally maintained air conditioning and ventilation systems has grown.

Booth AC responds to this demand by issuing certificates of regular professional cleaning. Regular maintenance also reduces breakdowns, improves operating costs, and extends equipment lifespan.


Retailers across the region trust Booth AC to prevent signs of system neglect or failure, such as water stains or pools, which can deter potential customers.

Regular maintenance by their professional engineers helps to avoid unpleasant conditions like foul smells or unwelcome heat.


In the Automotive sector, Booth AC helps to improve air quality in showrooms by maintaining air conditioning filters that reduce bacteria, dust, and odours.

This results in cleaner, filtered air that benefits staff and customers, particularly those with allergies. Maintaining a steady temperature also contributes to a pleasant customer experience.


Booth AC aids property managers in reducing unplanned air conditioning call-outs, improving energy consumption, and extending system life through effective and efficient maintenance.

Trusted by some of the largest commercial property owners in Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Merseyside, and Lancashire regions, Booth AC has established itself as a reliable air conditioning specialist.

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